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A Model Structure for a TEFL Resume

A TEFL resume needs only certain information. The following notes are a guideline to producing a resume that you can build on as your TEFL career progresses.

You should always have a copy of the resume on disk , so you can forward it by email and make alterations when necessary.

Personal Details:




Place of Birth

E-Mail address

Contact Tel No


To  build on my EFL experience and gain an understanding of the culture of the country in which I plan to work.

(The objective will evolve with teaching career , it should also be adapted to the country/city you intend to teach in)

Education & Training:

ITTT TEFL Certificate

Jan - Feb 2001

Pass Grade: B

Internationally recognised TEFL certificate course, with a practical emphasis on teaching skills, language awareness, phonology and classroom management.

BA ( Hons) Chinese Studies, Manchester University

Sept 1997 - May 2000

Pass Grade: 2:2

You don‘t really need any more information than this as employers only need to know if you are qualified and have a degree. 

If you have any further qualifications, that you think will enhance your chance of getting an interview, you can either add them to the list, or create a section titled

Additional Qualifications.

Employment History:

Job Title


Name of Company

Only include a description of your job if it involved some training/ teaching/ mentoring or was a position of authority.

You don‘t need to go further back than 5/6 years unless:

a)  You have had employment for a long time with the same company.

b)  The positions you had were relevant to teaching or a foreign language e.g. a teacher, some training aspects to your job or an interpreter.


If you can mutter "hello" in French, put “basic French“.

A language section should be included because it demonstrates that you have had experience in a foreign language aquisition environment.

It doesn‘t matter if the language you have learnt is not specific to your destination.

Additional Skills:

Full, clean driving licence, computer literate, first aid certificate, etc...

Hobbies and Interests:

If you hold a degree in politics or economics or business and can demonstate that you can stimulate conversation, debate and discussion, this would be looked upon favourably by potential employers.


1. Your TEFL course trainer/tutor        2. Any previous employer

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